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Quality Policy

The company VEGGA SPORT LTD, is and aims to remain a company of quality and reliability in the import, marketing and installation of sports equipment, flooring, playground instruments, playgrounds and city equipment. The scope of application of the Quality Management System of our organization is the following:

Trade, production, installation and technical support of sports equipment, floors, stadiums, playgrounds and parks.

We seek and commit:

to comply with the Legislation as it applies each time,

to develop and implement controlled processes to provide consistent product quality, in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015,

set and communicate substantial quality and performance targets to all our staff,

to provide our customers with products of the best quality and according to their requirements,

to deliver our services directly to our customers,

to continuously improve our efficiency with the annual review of the quality management system and the quality policy.

to modernize according to the requirements of our customers and the market.

We ensure that:

The quality policy meets and is in line with the objectives of the company and the requirements of the customers, the legislation and the competent authorities, taking into account the new data. Quality policy is understandable, implemented and adhered to at all levels of the organization. All the necessary resources are provided for the company to achieve the above goals.


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